Coveo for Sitecore (5.0.710.1)

28 juni 2020 om 10:30 by ParTech Media - Post a comment

Coveo for Sitecore is a package that you can install through the Sitecore Installation Wizard. It enables a set with indexes and building blocks for your search and relevance solution. Coveo for Sitecore fully supports the latest and greatest features of Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce. This includes writing the xDB data in the Sitecore Experience Platform through Sitecore xConnect, indexing and querying against the Sitecore Commerce catalog and integrating into the Sitecore SXA Commerce Storefront.

On June 12 2020 an update (5.0.710.1) of Coveo for Sitecore with new features and fixed support cases was released. Below, the new features and fixed support cases are summed up:


SC-3399: Replaced usage of Exact Match operator (==) with Equal operator (=) to improve query performance.

SC-4258: Updated the QueryParams class code to support all query parameters in server-side Search API calls.

SC-4304: Refactored the way Coveo Analytics event definitions for Sitecore xConnect are generated.

SC-4344: Added index document overconsumption messages in Command Center, Coveo Diagnostic Page, and logs.

SC-4375: Added document usage and limit information in Command Center, About page, and Coveo Diagnostic Page.

SC-4432: Added the Coveo Hosted Search Page rendering and the related branch template.

Fixed Support Case

SC-4395: Case 00060184: Fixed issue with value not being used on query suggestion events.

SC-4396: Case 00060046: Fixed issue with CDs adding indexing-related records to the Property Store

Bug Fix

SC-4421: Removed RabbitMQ.Client.dll and references thereto from package.