You are starting up a new project. What software architecture suits your needs in the best way? How to set up and configure DevOps processes so they connect best to the rest of the project? What hosting solution should you choose? Cloud or on-premise anyway? PaaS or IaaS? These kind of issues are among the many architecture issues our experts could be of your assistance!


When your existing development team would like to spar with someone not carrying the luggage of details of the project but more focussed at the bigger technical picture then our consultants could be of help. They provide an unbiased view and may be able to push your developers into the right direction or even create a proof-of-concept to show a solution direction that can be further worked out by the team.

Reviews and audits

Did a party create an application for you and would you like a second opinion? We audit your application to determine code quality and performance and advice on how to improve the application.