Our work mostly is done at the location of our customers, but that does not mean that we form a close team together! We also think it is important that your efforts are rewarded excellently and, when you put in more effort, benefit from it yourself. Although our office is located in 's-Hertogenbosch our customers are spread over the country; most of the time you can therefore work in your own region. 

What do we have to offer you?

  • An excelent salary
  • A new laptop and (when desired) a mobile phone
  • A lease car and different forms of transportation (helicopters en private-jets currently are excluded)
  • 25 days of payed vacation days
  • Monthly dinner with the whole team
  • Monthly innovation day that you can fill in yourself
  • Opportunities for courses and trainings
  • Collective pension plan
  • Overtime is payed 150%
  • A very lucrative bonus scheme
  • Participation through an employee board
  • A super enthusiastic team!

A bonus and participation, what does that mean?
Each month all employees meet to speak about running affairs within ParTech and to share ideas with each other. Everybody is entitled to co-decide about the business at that moment. Using a voting system all employees have a piece of participation in the decision process within ParTech.
About the bonus, you build these up with billable hours and they are paid out to you annually. This could provide you, depending on your situation, with a considerably extra income!
Curious about all the details? We will be happy to explain that to you while enjoying a cup of coffee and a Bossche bol! Don't hesitate to contact us.

We would like to expand our team and are looking for: