Top stories from the Sitecore Community

01 april 2020 om 14:25 by Ruud van Falier - Post a comment

We do our best to keep track of what is happening in the world of Sitecore. One of the most important tools we use for that is the large community of developers, marketers and enthusiasts that makes Sitecore rock!

The Sitecore community is very active when it comes to sharing interesting articles and we try to read them all.

These are the article from last month that we found to be great to read (in no particular order):

Making an "Sitecore XP without analytics" docker image

by Jeremy Davis

Published by the guy famous for being the subject of many Sitecore presentation memes, Jeremy shares his experience on how to install XP Sitecore on docker, but without the xConnect functionality.

Installing Universal Tracker 2.0 in Azure

by Rob Ahnemann

Rob shares his experience with installing the Sitecore Universal Tracker in his Azure environment.

Viewing asset XMP data in Sitecore Content Hub

by Vasily Fomichev

Vasily is a regular writer of interesting articles and his explaination on what XMP is and how to extract data from it does not dissapoint. Note: You can expect more information on Sitecore Content Hub on our website soon!

Where did our Search go?

by Rob Habraken

Leave it up to Rob to tell us everything about Sitecore on Azure. This time he faced the challenge of a client's search funtionality to suddenly break down on production.

How do the SameSite cookie changes affect Sitecore installations?

by Jason St-Cyr

Sitecore's own Jason St-Cyr explains to us what the recent SameSite cookie changes in Chrome mean for our Sitecore installations.


We hope you enjoy these top stories as much as we did.
Stay tuned for the next article!