The Return Of The PowerToys

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Technology requires continuous updates and upgrades to enhance user experience with it. Sometimes, however, date back approaches/solution/utilities prove itself more effective over new solutions. One of the best examples of it is the return of PowerToys for Windows 10. PowerToys are back with its breakthrough features, including FancyZones, Window Walker, Shortcut Guide, and allied one; we enjoyed working with Windows 95. Let’s not waste much time and jump into top PowerToys window utilities a developer can’t resist to use.

Top 7 Microsoft PowerToy’s Utilities


Want to be a master of multitasking? FancyZones got you. FancyZones is a window management tool. It is a must-have for developers who want to make most of widescreen monitors. It's available with pre-made templates allowing you to customize your monitor the way you find convenient such as Focus, Columns, Rows, Grid, and Priority Grid.


Source: FancyZones

No more Alt-tabbing with FancyZones. Since you get the option for splitting and merging zones, you can resize different apps and files and define a set of windows locations for your monitor based on your workflow.

There is more to know. You can invoke FancyZones editor using keys Win+` (though you can change the shortcut key in the setting dialog). Go and get your customized screen today for more productive days.

Window Walker/ PowerToys Run

You may argue Windows already has Alt+Tab to view and access all open apps, then what is the use of Windows Walker?

Window Walker is your performance buddy. The addon is helpful when you have a lot of open apps/files/folders, and you need quick access to the specific one. When enabled, Window Walker provides a fast launcher with the command Ctrl+Win with a search bar.

Window Walker

Source: Window Walker

In the search bar, you can type specific phrase or word of the file/app you want and Window Walker show up the ones similar to your search in no time. It keeps you at bay from jumping back and forth among files and folders and apps when you desire to be productive or performance-driven.

Shortcut Guide

Using touchpad and mouse continuously drain out your performance?

No need to fret more. Windows Key Shortcut Guide is here.

Source: Shortcut Guide

This PowerToy utility tool shows up shortcuts for the current state of the desktop. Meaning you don't have to remember window key shortcuts. Shortcut guide in PowerToy displays a large thumbnail image of your active screen with its particular shortcut command for windows key, like:

  • Active window shortcut keys
  • Common Windows shortcuts
  • Taskbar shortcuts

You can invoke the window key shortcut guide by pressing and holding keyboard Window key for a second, and it appears to enhance your computing experience.


PowerRename is a bulk file renamer. PowerToy’s PowerRename allows you to change the name of multiple files at once.

Source: PowerRename

Called as a batch renaming tool, it also enables you to toggle specific items to include or exclude from the operation right in the preview area. PowerRename is designed to cover most bulk rename scenarios while still delivering simplicity to average Windows users.

Preview Pane Addons for File Explorer

Windows hasn’t forget Graphics Guys. PowerToy brings forth Preview Pane Addons for File Explorer. With Preview handlers enabled in PowerToys, Windows provides previews of files in different formats directly in File Explorer.

Source: Preview Pane Addons for File Explorer

You can use shortcut command Alt+P to enable or disable Preview Handlers in File Explorer. Though the feature to get a preview of files in file explorer was available for read-only files, but Preview Pane addons now also allow previews of SVG (scalable vector graphics).

Image Resizer

Resizing individual images is not only tricky but a time-consuming process. Right from a blog post to a social media post or other platform, images are required to communicate and engage with audience in different sizes and quality.

Source: Resize Images

Now resize images without cutting anything out with Image Resizer – an additional functionality comes with PowerToys. With a simple right-click from File Explorer, Image Resizer in Windows 10 allows you to resize one or apply bulk image resizing in a factor of seconds.

Keyboard Manager

Have you ever wished to remap windows key commands as per your convenience? You get the Keyboard Manager application in Windows 10 PowerToys. KBM is a keyboard re-mapper.

Source: Keyboard Manager

It allows you to be more productive with Windows by using customized keyboard shortcut combination. KBM lets you remap single or multiple keys on your keyboard as per your personal choice and comfort with your personal computer.

If you are using Windows 10 1903 (build 18362) or later, you can get the app today. If not, wait once your system gets the update.

How To Install PowerToys in Windows 10?

PowerToys are not available in Microsoft Store. But the PowerToys GitHub page shares complete information and download links at PowerToys Github page. You can download and install the MSI setup file to get PowerToys in your system.

Make sure your system fulfils the following requirements:

  • Windows 10 1803 (build 17134) or later.
  • Have .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime.

Install PowerToys

And as a bonus: With the new WinGet package manager introduced in Windows 10 2004, you can install PowerToys from your command line with winget install powertoys.

Once installation is done, click the PowerToys logo in the taskbar’s notification area. It will open up an individual PowerToy app come for Windows 10. From here, you can choose which addons you want to use and then download and enable them. With the app, you can also pick individual app settings and more as your desire.


PowerToys are bound to enhance user’s computing lives better. The available PowerToys package for Windows 10 is still in the development phase, and with time we can expect more productivity tools and features.

We’ll keep you updated about the new release; meanwhile, we would love to hear your experience with PowerToy addons with Windows 10 in the comments.