What's new in Visual Studio 2019?

05 mei 2020 om 12:56 by ParTech Media - Post a comment

Visual Studio 2019 was finally released not too long ago which is excellent news for all the programmers out there. Although we have been able to use the preview releases for over a good year, many of us don't actually make the switch until the stable release is available.

So what's new in Visual Studio 2019?

Visual Studio Live Share


One of the most amazing features of the new update of Visual studio is the live share. It is a service in Visual Studio 2019 that allows you to directly share the debugging process and code context with your teammates. You can also get live access within the Visual Studio. So working with your team now is easier than ever. When you use the live share option, your teammates will be able to read, debug, edit, and also navigate the developing project in a secure and natural environment. This service comes by default in the new Visual Studio 2019.

Enhanced Refactoring


One of the most helpful features for any developer in an IDE is the refactoring. The new Visual Studio 2019 has refactoring with some fantastic new advanced features. The new refactoring features will be used to organize your code in a more structured manner. The latest release will now show the suggestions in the light bulb icon. It will also have actions like moving members’ base class and interface. It can also make changing the namespaces that will suit the folder structures.

Improved Search Experience


The new Visual Studio 2019 comes with an updated search box. Previously, the search box was called the Quick Launch. The new search box is a lot quicker and works effectively when it comes to getting the best results. The search box is quite an advanced feature in this current edition of IDE. This was not available in any of the previous versions. It has the ability to show you suggestions while you are typing in the search box. It then presents you with the results in a dynamic way. Keyboard shortcuts can also be used when it comes to searching using the search box. This allows you to remember the search queries for future use. This makes working easy because you can recall whenever you build some new web applications.

Visual Studio IntelliCode


Visual Studio 2019 comes with a new extension called the IntelliCode. This extension enhances web application and software development by using its advanced technology called Artificial Intelligence. IntelliCode also has the ability to give suggestions and provide coding objects during the development process. This not only streamlines the process but also helps you improve your skills.

C++ debugging


All your C++ objects can now leverage pinnable properties that are used for debugging of the managed code. The new update improves the functionality as well as the debugging of multi-threaded applications. This also allows for the debugging of processes that are running in the Docker Linux containers. The debugging support can now also be enjoyed by the code jockeys who leverage the Oen Enclave SDK.

Debugging Search Feature


Debugging is the process of identifying the errors in software and then eliminating those errors. The debugging process is very helpful for developers when they are searching for suitable objects and values. In the new Visual studio 2019, the searching while debugging is added autos, locals as well as watch windows, which is used to find the values and objects.

Code Cleanup


Another neat feature is the single click code cleanup option. This new cleanup command is useful for detecting warnings and suggestions by one single click. The code cleanup is helpful when it comes to formating the code and making changes in the coding format that are suggested by the .editorconfig files and settings. This feature also allows you to save a collection of fixers as your default profile. So, for instance, if you have various dynamic bundles of fixers that you need to apply before a code syntax review is to configure profiles at different tasks.

Per Monitor Aware Rendering (PMA)


VS 2019 comes with a sophisticated solution to rendering issues by including the Per Monitor Aware Rendering (PMA). Previously, if you wanted to work with various monitors that were installed with multiple types of display scale factors, these monitors were then connected remotely with a machine that would show the different scale factors that were distinct from the primary device. The results that were shown, however, would be blurry, or they were rendered with wrong scaling factors. Therefore the Per Monitor Aware Rendering (PMA) will show the outputs correctly and will not suffer any rendering issue irrespective of the scaling factors of the display.

Interpolation simplification

Coders now have the option to simplify the string interpolation refactoring using the Visual Studio 2019. This makes string interpolation more concise and legible. This feature is accessible using the search feature and refactorings menu.


All these new features in the new Visual Studio 2019 will enable the programmer to be more productive and to collaborate more effectively with team members. The new user interface allows developers to build applications more effectively. The improved search bar provides relevant and accurate results to developers when they are developing the software. It's not really a question if you will switch to this new version, but rather when.