5 top stories from the Sitecore Community

30 april 2020 om 12:53 by Ruud van Falier - Post a comment

With the first Virtual Sitecore User Group in progress we decided to provide you with even more Sitecore knowledge to digest!

Here are 5 recent top stories from the Sitecore Community:

Introducing the SXA Styleguide

By Mark van Aalst

Mark shares with us an open-source SXA website that showcases all the SXA features and acts as a Styleguide for everyone using SXA.

Using 100% free tools to watch your Sitecore logging using Visual Studio Code and a single extension

By Alex van Wolferen

Alex shows us how to collect log data from all the different Sitecore log files and display them in one log within Visual Studio.

The many applications of Sitecore Forms

By Barend Emmerzaal

Barend writes about different scenarios in which you can use Sitecore Forms to its full potential.

Sitecore Memory Issues – Every memory optimization trick in the book

By Brian Pedersen

Brian opens up his book of tricks to us and shares many approaches to analyzing and fixing memory issues in Sitecore.

Don't SPEAK: Consider SPE Instead

Brandon Bruno

Need to add some administration features to the Sitecore Client? You may consider to use SPEAK for this. But wait! PowerShell Extensions may be a more efficient choice!


We hope you enjoy these top stories as much as we did.
Stay tuned for the next article!