Copy Version module

06 februari 2014 om 00:00 by Ruud van Falier - Post a comment

The Sitecore Content Editor offers you commands to copy and paste items.
But what if you don't want to copy an entire item, but just one version?
Sitecore doesn't offer a solution for this out of the box.

Our Copy Version module adds a new version of the Copy, Paste and Copy To command that allow you to copy the latest version of an item to another item.
Pasting the version to an item will create a new version with a copy of the original version.

After installing the Sitecore package, you will get three new commands in the context menu of the Content Editor tree:

  1. Copy version
    Copy the latest version of the selected item to the clipboard.
    This command is only available in Internet Explorer, just like the default copy command.
  2. Paste version
    Paste the copied version to the selected item.
    This command is also only available in Internet Explorer.
  3. Copying > Copy Version To
    Opens a dialog to select a destination item on which the latest version of the currently selected item is pasted.
    Works in all browsers.

The source code and installation package are available on GitHub:
You can grab the installation package from the Release folder and add the module to your existing solution using the Sitecore Installation Wizard.


There are a few limitation at this point, which we may eliminate in the future:

  • Copy version & Paste version commands are only available in IE (and not even in IE 11 anymore). This is because the commands are based on Sitecore's default copy/paste commands which offer the same support.
  • When you copy a version, you always copy the latest version of an item. It's not possible to switch to a different version and copy that specific version.
  • You can't copy one language version and paste it into another language. The copy is always created in the same language as its original.

It's been tested with Sitecore 6.6 up to 7.1, but should work with 6.5 or even older versions as well.