Razl: Sitecore database compare tool

02 december 2013 om 00:00 by Martijn van der Put - Post a comment

Since last week I'm using Razl and I’m quite enthusiastic. Detecting differences between databases and merging items is very easy and works intuitive. It saves a lot of time and is less error-sensitive comparing to merging within TDS or other third-party merging tools.

I’m not going to explain what Razl exact is and what all the features are. For more info about all this please check:

There are 2 features I’d like to point out because I think they are really helpful: History view and the ignore list.

History View:

History view lists all item-changes for a specific Sitecore database. This makes it very easy to merge content between Sitecore databases from a specific date or moment. It lists when an item has changed and which user updated that item. Clicking on the change in the History section automatically highlights the corresponding Item in the merge tree, and the differences are displayed immediately.

Ignore list

Another feature that can be very useful is the “ignore” list. This list contains fields that are ignored when items are being compared by RAZL. This makes it possible to only see specific field differences, and this saves a lot of time.


Razl is easy to work with. If content merging is a hot-topic in your project and you have multiple Sitecore database instances that must be merged from time to time, Razl can save a lot of time and merge errors.