The Netherlands

  32-40 hours

 70% of your hourly rate

Looking at our portfolio of services you can certainly say it's versatile. Interim consultancy, development of complete projects, application reviews, Sitecore trainings, we do it all with pleasure.

Due to the continuing growth of the number of customers and projects we are looking for you as expansion of our current team. Important is that YOU can do something you're good at and love. Fortunately, this often comes down to the same thing. We don't believe in giving you a long list of required techniques you need to be experienced in for a long time. After all, it is about the person behind the technology who can really make the difference and if a certain part of knowledge is not present, then you will learn that from us. At the same time we can imagine you would like something to hold on to. So if we need to give you some requirements:

  • HBO work and think level (no diploma required).
  • Fluent use of the Dutch language both in word and writing.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience with Sitecore.
  • 5 years or more expercience in developing .NET webapplications in C# .
  • Solid experience in ASP.NET and MVC.
  • Solid experience with software architecture and web infra structure.

A few bullet points, that's not too bad is it? Where we want to stay a little longer is the personal level. We like to find in you someone who is communicative, eager to learn and flexible in handling situations. You are capable of working  independently and able to translate the wishes of our customers to technical solutions. You have an eye for quality and are able to share the learned knowledge with others. Our motto after all is: "Quality has the highest priority". And it sounds smooth too... ;-)

Probably you have seen we are located in Den Bosch and it might not be nice to travel to us each day. No worries! We are in the fortunate situation that we have a lot of clients around the country and we already know for sure that we can deliver you beautiful jobs in the vicinity of your place of residence.

You likely want to know what the employment conditions are. And you should want to know, because they're important for you and we are proud that we're able to offer you a nice package of conditions. For starters think of an above average salary and on top of that a strong bonus construction.

What is a strong bonus construction? With us you earn 70% of the tariff you get placed for at the client! Further we provide you with a pension plan, laptop/mobile phone, mobility budget, generous training budget, monthly innovation day and monthly dinner with your colleagues. We must certainly not forget the co-determination of all the colleagues. We think it's important that each one can give his or her input over the way we choose as a company at ParTech and thus walk. For that we have created an ‘employee board’ that gives everyone a vote in the company. Later on we'll gladly tell you more about his but for now we'd like to give the word tou you. So if you have additional wishes, let us know!

Are you ready? Would you like to implement enterprise solutions for big names like Tommy Hilfiger, Van Lanschot, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Nutricia en vele anderen? Then send your resume and/or portfolio to us at [email protected]  or just give us a call so we can discuss it.

The people below are happy to speak to you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Linda Pardon
HR Manager
06-81116660 - [email protected]

Dennis de Heus
HR Manager
06-20839060 - [email protected]