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Some users have been experiencing an issue with our URL Rewriter module that caused it to throw an exception during initialization that resulted in the module not working until the application pool was recycled.
We have released an update that should fix that issue for all instances.

Make sure to get the latest version from the GitHub repository or use this direct download link.

If you're still experiencing problems after this update, please let us know.

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  • Ruud van Falier
    Door  Ruud van Falier  on  03 maart 2015 at 08:28:28

    Sorry for my late reply, Pravin.
    It does support multisite, but not in the way you describe.
    You can define the rewrites using their absolute URL's, thus including the domain and thereby redirect per site.
    There is also no way of defining a status code now, it always returns 301.

    I will take this into account for a future release.


  • Pravin Giradkar
    Door  Pravin Giradkar  on  22 januari 2015 at 12:25:47

    Thanks Rudd.

    I have another question :
    Does this module supports multisite implementations. Like can I configure the URL rewrite configuration root item path on sites definition and then see which site is resolved and then look through the rule item to apply the rewrite rule. Also Can I define the HTTP status code like 301/302.

    Pravin G.

  • Rashmi
    Door  Rashmi  on  18 november 2014 at 09:42:54

    Thanks Ruud. That helps!

  • Ruud van Falier
    Door  Ruud van Falier  on  18 november 2014 at 08:24:32

    Hi Rashmi,

    Very good question!
    When updating an existing installation of the URL Rewriter module, do NOT overwrite the Sitecore items that it tries to install.
    I've only made changes to the code, so you only need to overwrite the DLL file.


  • Rashmi
    Door  Rashmi  on  18 november 2014 at 06:29:31

    Hi Ruud,

    Thanks for this. Looks like the update would be really helpful as we have been facing similar issue with our application since long. Will be installing the update in our next scheduled application patch release. However I have few questions:
    1. Can this module be installed on top of existing URL Rewriter module by selecting 'Overwrite' as the option to install?
    2. Would this require deleting any configured redirect rules and setting them up all over again after updating the module?

    Rashmi Grover

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